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RTax aims to be recognized as the India's leading professional consultancy services company, bringing real value to its clients, delivering practical business advices and solutions with tax and regulatory inputs and offering a wide range of financial services.We at Rtax, carry out Tax Outsourcing,Tax Optimisation Studies, SOP for direct and indirect tax compliance, Training Programmes on Tax, Conducting Reviews and Risk-reviews, Advisory services relating to Direct and Indirect taxes, Banking & Financial Advisory services.


Tax Outsourcing

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   Managing tax compliance is becoming increasingly complex with, frequently changing regulatory and tax compliance requirements. At a time when regulatory burdens increase, but human resources to manage them are limited, it becomes important , for the tax function to deliver value , cost-effectively. These have made Companies to re-think about, how they meet their obligations in filing timely and accurate tax returns. R Tax shall take care of your corporate tax compliance works , streamline the collection of data , enable preparation and filing of tax returns and computations quickly and accurately, thereby allowing you to focus more on your Core business.

Banking & Financial Advisory services

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   We Undertake Project Finance and Debt syndications Services with regard to arranging of facilities from Banks - Term Loans, Bill Discounting, Guarantees, LCs, Cash Credits, Overdrafts, Foreign Exchange Trade Finance, Export Credit facility, Import LCs facility, Funding of Import LCs through Suppliers’ / Buyer’s Credits through Overseas Banks, Overseas Branches of Indian Banks etc. Preparation of Business Plans, Arranging PE /VC Fund, Preparation of Information Memorandums, Preparation of Projected Financial statements, Market Research studies, Study of various Market Sectors/Segments, Business Valuations and Due Diligence with respect to Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax Optimisation Studies(TOS)

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   On an average, Indirect Taxes constitute 30% of Gross Turnover for Manufacturing Sectors and 10% for Service Sectors. Tax Optimization Study aims to optimize the tax by Planning Supply Chain Operational Activities in tax efficient manner. The intention of the study is to identify the tax planning areas, risk areas for saving tax and mitigate the risks. The study done by us has produced outstanding results to some of the largest corporates in this country. The fee for this product is structured in such a way that major portion of the fee is payable on success of the Tax Optimization Study.

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)

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   Standard Operating Procedure for direct and indirect tax compliance aims at systematic and flawless compliance of both direct and indirect tax laws. The establishing of system process and control for tax compliance is the main objective of this Standard Operating Procedure. Standard Operating Procedure is also updated on quarterly basis incorporating changes in tax laws from time to time at a nominal recurring fee.

Training Programmes on Tax

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   RTax offers training programmes conducted by its professionals mainly to train employees of organisations/companies. This would enable Companies to reduce Compliance costs. Enable employees to take effective decisions with knowledge of tax laws. Enable employees empowerment in tax laws. Our faculty have professional and practical expertise to many training modules and target audiences.Have professional and practical expertise in handling many training modules and address professional audience.

Conducting Risk-reviews

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   As the direct and indirect tax laws are changing frequently, ignorance or misinterpretation of these changes can lead to serious exposures. Further, adequate documentation in terms of statutory registers, records, forms and returns are parts of compliance process. Inadequate documentation can also lead to exposure in terms of penalty, interest etc., This product is to conduct review of records, controls, system and process in managing tax compliance (direct and indirect tax) to ensure that risks are identified at micro level for implementing risk mitigation.

Advisory Services for Direct/Indirect Taxes

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   We provide advisory services with reference to direct and indirect tax laws. Based on requests, we also brief senior counsel to get second opinion if desired by the clients.

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